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Telephone Appointments

Telephone consultations are available, either speak to our staff at reception or call us to organise.



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Services for Young People

We are a patient centred, forward thinking, friendly practice committed to serving the needs of all our patients including the Younger members of our practice population. We provide lots of services for Young People and if we do not have what you need we can advise you where to find the help required.


Young Persons


We provide the following services (all free of charge and confidential)

  • Pregnancy testing
  •  The C-card scheme – distrubion only (not a registration site)

• Free prescription for contraceptive pill, combined pill and progesterone only pill

• The contraceptive injection

• Contraceptives are provided free of charge

• Referral to abortion/pregnancy advice services

• Advice and referral for testing for all sexually transmitted diseases

• Advice on all health issues

• Advice on Acne treatment

• Referral to stop smoking service available

• Healthy eating advice and weight management

• Help for mental health problems/worries


Children & Young People Useful Contacts

Teen Health Clinic

Emotional Health


Young Minds – T: 020 70895050 or 0808 8025544 W: www.youngminds.org.uk

CALM – T: 0800 585 858 W: www.thecalmzone.net

CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) – T: 01325 743170


Moving Out


First Stop – T: 01325 254463 E: info@darlingtonfirststop.org.uk

YMCA Tees Valley Foyer – T: 01325 462452


Drugs & Alcohol


SWITCH (Young people’s alcohol, durg and solvent misuse team – T: 01325 267240 E: switchteam@darlington.gov.uk

NECA (North East Counselling and Addictions Service) – T: 01325 267230 E: darlington@neca.co.uk

Talktofrank – T: 0800 776600 W: www.talktofrank.com


Contraceptive and sexual health clinics (CASH)


CASH (Contraception and Sexual Health) clinics held at Denmark Street Surgery :

Ring 01325 952277 or Go to : www.darlingtoncash.com

GUM Clinic – T: 01325 743203 W: www.cddft.nhs.uk/sexual-health-services

Sexual Health Direct – T: 0845 122 8690 W: www.fpa.org.uk



Sexuality Advice

 DISC LGBT Health and Wellbeing (Durham and Darlington) – T: 01325 731160 E: lgbt@disc-vol.org.uk

Gay Advice Darlington – T: 01325 252522 W: www.gayadvicedarlington.co.uk

ID Trans Youth North East – T: 07946 267 152 or 07826 872 756 or 01325 313888




Childline UK – T: 0800 1111 W: www.childline.org.uk”

NSPCC Child Protection Helpline – T: 0808 800 5000

Samaritans – T: 08457 909090


Healthwatch Darlington


healthwatch Darlington – E: info@healthwatchdarlington.co.uk W: www.healthwatchdarlington.co.uk”