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Womens Health

Womens Health

At Blacketts Medical Practice, we can advise, reassure and educate women of all ages about their health, well-being and lifestyle concerns.

We have a nursing team who offer family planning services on a Wednesday afternoon between 3:00pm and 6:00pm. One of our female GPs runs monthly women’s procedure clinics.

To speak to a clinician or to book an appointment, please contact a member of our reception team.

Cervical Screening

Cervical screening is sometimes known as a Smear Test. For information on why the test is offered and how the programme works, click on the Cervical Screening link.

Breast Screening

Information on breast screening can be found on the following link.

If you are a patient of Blacketts and are already in the screening programme, enquiries can be made to the screening department at North Tees on 01642 617617. Additional information on the screening unit at North Tees Hospital can be found here.

Vaginal pessaries

Appointments for the above are available on a Tuesday afternoon with Dr Umashankar. Please contact the reception to arrange an appointment, or arrange an appointment with a GP to discuss prior to fitting.

Coils for menorrhagia

We are able to offer appointments at Blacketts for the above. They take place every 4 weeks on a Tuesday afternoon.

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